Sunday, January 12, 2014

BBQ Tempeh Soft Tacos

1/2 cup tempeh
2 tbsp garlic-free BBQ sauce
1 cup raw kale
6 slices red bell pepper
1 tsp mustard
Corn tortillas (wheat free)
1 tbsp olive oil
A splash of red wine vinegar or rice wine vinegar

Slice the tempeh and mix with the BBQ sauce and half of the olive oil, bake for 30 mins at 400 degrees. While it's cooking, prepare the kale by massaging it with the remainder of the olive oil, vinegar and salt, then set aside to let it marinate. You can add grated carrot to your kale, too, if you have some on hand. Slice your bell pepper. When your tempeh is ready, take your corn tortillas and fill them with the kale, a few slices of bell pepper, mustard and tempeh. 

485 calories for 2 tacos

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