Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Salad: Sea Vegetable Edition

My friends Brock and Heather threw a charming garden party this Memorial Day weekend. Thanks guys! Like me, they get a CSA vegetable box and I remember Brock mentioning to me that they have “Big Salad” for dinner once a week. I like the idea of salad being a meal, rather than something that only gets eaten as an appetizer, or relegated to the status of a “side” (like, vegetables couldn't possibly be an entree or something). That said, if you want salad to be a satisfying meal, you have to go to town with it.

This salad has a special place in my heart because it's similar to a dish that I used to eat when I worked at Cafe Gratitude. It tastes like the ocean because of the sea vegetables, which I like. It's also satisfying because of the creamy dressing and avocado, which make it rich and decadent. Wait, can a salad be decadent? Perhaps not, but this comes pretty close.

This recipe makes one meal-size serving which is convenient, and it also makes use of brown rice which is a good way to use up leftovers. I recommend making it right before you eat it, rather than prepping it ahead of time. The greens get soggy if they sit in the dressing for too long.

1 ½ cups arugula, or whatever greens you like
¾ cup brown rice, hot or cold
2 scallions
½ avocado
1 tbsp dried hijiki
Handful or nori pieces, equivalent to 2 or 3 sheets
2 tbsp Annie's Goddess dressing
1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds
1 tsp sesame seeds

Ten minutes before you want to eat, soak 1 tablespoon of dried hijiki in cold water. I like to reheat my rice for this recipe, but you can use it cold if you prefer. Next, chop your spring onions and avocado. When your hijiki is fully rehydrated and your rice is warm, toss together the greens, rice, scallions, avocado, hijiki, nori and dressing. Top with the sunflower and sesame seeds. 

570 calories. 

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