Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Chili Stir Fry with Beyond Meat

My friend Kedar works for Beyond Meat. For those who haven't tried it, Beyond Meat is a new vegan chicken-type product. It is significantly better than other mock chicken options, mostly because of the wonderful texture. The developers spent years working with soy and pea protein, trying to get the bite just right. Their work paid off, because this product is delicious.

Beyond Meat was originally available only in the deli counter at Whole Foods. Now it's available pre-packaged, also at Whole Foods, so you can take it home and make your own recipes with it. It currently comes in three styles; lightly seasoned, grilled, or Southwest. Find it in the refrigerator along with the seitan, tempeh, veggies sausages, etc.

This recipe uses 2/3 of a package of Beyond Meat. I used the rest to make a really simple sandwich; just wholewheat bread, Beyond Meat and honey mustard. I meant to photograph it, but it was so damn good that I ate it all before I could reach for my camera. 

1 tablespoon oil

1/2 red onion

3 carrots

1 green bell pepper

6 radishes

2/3 package of Beyond Meat, equivalent to 8oz

4 tbsp sweet chili sauce*

2 tsp soy sauce

Chop your veggies. Try cutting the carrots diagonally to make them look cute, and slice the radishes lengthways into four. I don't peel my carrots; it seems like a waste of valuable time and I heard that the skins are extra healthy. Heat up the oil in a pan. Add the onion and carrots and cook for five to ten minutes, until the carrots have softened slightly. Add the soy sauce and bell pepper and cook for another two minutes. Then add the radishes and Beyond Meat. Continue to cook until the Beyond Meat has warmed through, about three minutes. Stir in the sweet chili sauce. Serve with brown rice or noodles. 

This recipe makes 3 servings, each with 255. 

* I'm using Safeway Select Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. It's more sweet than spicy; good for stir frying and dipping. Probably not the healthiest product ever. Feel free to make your own sauce if you want to cut back on the sugar a bit.

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