Friday, September 6, 2013

Cha Ya, Chocovivo

Today I didn't have time to get busy in the kitchen, so I'm posting a couple of recent photos from some choice eateries. 

First up is the senroppen salad from Cha Ya, Berkeley's vegan Japanese restaurant. I feel lucky to live so incredibly close to this restaurant. A lot of Japanese food is sadly non-vegan due to bonito or fish-based dashi. However, the menu at Cha Ya is huge and there are lots of great items that you can choose from safe in the knowledge that everything is plant-based. I particularly like the agedashi tofu, which is the ultimate comfort food. I also recommend the stuffed eggplant, the gyoza, and any of the noodle dishes. I do not, personally, enjoy the moon garden, but I know people who are crazy about it. It's a tofu custard topped with lightly seasoned steamed vegetables. It seems to be one of those love/hate dishes. Below is a picture of the senroppen salad. It's advertised as an appetizer, but the serving is really generous so you could have it as a main or share it with a friend. I was impressed by how fresh and light it was. The vegetables were deliciously crisp and consisted mostly of daikon and some other stuff that I couldn't identify. There was some edamame thrown on top and the dressing was a rice wine vinaigrette. 

I meant to post this picture ages ago! It's of a chocolate tasting that I did at Chocovivo in Culver City with my buddy. Thanks for introducing me to this place, Kedar! Unfortunately, I lost the slip of paper that described all of the varieties of chocolate that I tasted. It's kind of irrelevant, though, since they were all extremely good. I addition to the chocolate tasting, I also had a 72% European-style thick hot chocolate brewed with fresh homemade hazelnut milk. This place makes their own vegan nut milks which earns them some serious vegan street cred! 

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